Mideco is a dust-suppression equipment “producer of choice” for 3M plant

Recently, Mideco has got a new opportunity to join a customer‘s mission to protect worker’s health on site – we have supplied Bat Booth®, personnel de-dusting system, to 3M company in the US, namely to its Pittsboro plant.

3M Pittsboro is a part of 3M’s Industrial Minerals Products Division – the world’s leading supplier of colored and specialty roofing granules for the asphalt shingle industry. Pittsboro mines metavolcanic rock, that causes high silica level on site. The silica hazard for employees’ lungs is realistic. That has led the management to implementation of the newest technologies to reduce the impact of silica on workers’ health.

Bat Booth® for 3M Pittsboro in North Carolina is our first delivery to the customer.

Partnering with the employers like this, Mideco is fully sharing the values of a global science company that never stops inventing – “Science, applied to life”.  As well as 3M applies science and innovation to creating their products,  Mideco invested into the development of its innovative product Bat Booth®, which is recognized by NIOSH – the U.S. federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and diseases and the customers worldwide.

Delivery terms of Bat Booth® to Pittsboro in February 2020 exceeded all customer’s expectations – the system arrived to the site in couple of weeks after the order placement. The rising demand of Bat Booths® in the US allows Mideco to stock the products closer to an end-user.

Supplying the unit to 3M was an outstanding example of meeting deadlines and satisfying customer’s requirements by our company.

We are proud to say that there is a shift towards using our innovative and at the same time simple to use clothes cleaning technology Bat Booth®.

On a high note, Mideco is happy to continuously extend the list of our trusted customers all over the world and we will join you on the way of having your employees’ protection and safety.

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