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Mideco has embarked on an exciting journey of delivering its products to Latin America

Two Bat Booth® units reached their destination in a new location in Chile. This first ever delivery to the country means a successful business start for Mideco in Latin America.

Given the fact that dust is a very dangerous occupational health hazard to millions of workers globally, companies in Chile are open to consider new cost-effective ways to fight dangers of dust in the workplace and are looking for the best solutions how to handle it.

Following the government instructions with the purpose to prevent occupational lung diseases, the very first company in Chile that implemented an innovative Australian solution for personnel de-dusting from hazardous cement dust is Cemento Polpaico SA.

One of two units, delivered to the country, was installed at Polpaico plant, Santiago.

Cemento Polpaico SA is a part of Chilean Cement & Concrete Product Manufacturing Industry. Operating since 1944, the company is functioning mainly in the infrastructure sector and is the largest cement producer in the country with installed capacity of 2.7Mt/y.

Bat Booth® was implemented successfully at Polpaico in March 2020. The delivery has been marked by a positive feedback from Mideco sales agent in Chile, Mr. Roberto Munizaga (Rost Services):
Bat Booth® commissioning at Polpaico is a tremendous success. It’s a state of the art technology, that has made its usage a smooth experience thanks to the quality of the machine, its components, fast and easy way to use. We highly appreciate your support.”

Mideco would like to express sincere gratitude to the major contributors, who took a step in our product globe-trotting to Chile.

We are thankful for making it a success to Mr. Roberto Munizaga – Mideco sales agent in Chile and Peru from Rost Services.

We appreciate the contribution made by Victorian Government office in Latin America and its Trade and Investment Director Mr. Pablo Schatz.

Many thanks to Mr. Christian Garcés, the Director of Balmoral SpA. The company solved all complicated logistics issues related to the delivery of the machines from Mideco USA warehouse to Santiago, Chile.

What is happening to the second unit? It is awaiting to operate at a site in Chile with the employer that takes care of employees’ health.

For more information, the Bat Booth® trial or order for industries in Chile and Peru, please contact local Mideco agent, Mr. Roberto Munizaga.