Mideco digs deep to bring customised fume collector online in half the time

When a leading fire-safety testing provider saw a key piece of its own safety equipment go up in smoke, Mideco’s expert engineers raced to provide a custom-made solution in record time.

The blaze at Warringtonfire Australia’s testing facility at Dandenong South in late July 2020  destroyed a large fume collector that had been built and installed by Mideco in 2009. Without the unit, the client’s safety testing and certification operations were severely limited.

The distress call came in at 6.24 pm on a Monday night. Once on site, Mideco’s inspection team established that no part of the original unit could be salvaged and a product upgrade would be needed to meet the client’s expanded workload.

“The accident substantially hampered a core part of the customer’s business,” Mideco Managing Director Melton White said. “Normally, a job of this size would take eight to 10 weeks, but we managed it in nearly half the time. It was a significant achievement.”

Mideco removed the burnt-out equipment and designed, built and installed the new Fume Collector 160ECP (pictured) in just six weeks – a lead time normally associated with jobs of one-third the size.

Staff including engineer Yuri Barros Campos worked weekends to get Warringtonfire back up to speed in its testing and certification of products, materials and processes for fire resistance as quickly as possible.

“The client explained to us they were losing money every day because they could not perform their safety tests,” he said.

The new custom-made unit is all stainless steel, providing superior corrosion resistance to the previous galvanised steel structure, with all components and fittings capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 200° Celsius. (Dust collectors in Mideco’s mainstream business are generally designed to operate in ambient temperatures up to 50-60°C.)

Fume Collector 160ECP

Among other modifications, the Fume Collector 160ECP is fitted with 160 dust bags that are longer than standard bags and are made of heat-and flame-resistant Nomex fabric.

“This solution effectively expands the unit’s air-cleaning capacity while remaining within the client’s space constraints,” Mr Barros Campos said.

“The beauty of this system is that it is all modular and can be adjusted to fit the customer’s space,” he added.

The Mideco Fume Collector 160ECP also permits the user to control air intake and measures the amount of waste accumulated in dust bags.  Mideco is proud to provide a range of dust collection and extraction systems to help clients manage workplace and environmental safety.  Call Mideco to discuss your needs today.

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