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How Mideco’s community support program changed the lives of four women

We truly care…

Care lies at the core of everything we do at Mideco.

Not only do we care about the health and safety of so many workers around the world, we also aim to do our part in alleviating hardships where people need it most.

As a proudly Australian company, our core values and corporate culture prompt all our employees to get involved in helping those in need.

Over the years, Mideco has extended its resources to corners of the world where people most need help, whether that’s supporting initiatives that are combating poverty or bringing quality education to adults and kids who have no access.

…so we supported CARE

We directed our most recent community support initiative at helping struggling women and their families across the globe through the CARE organisation.

CARE Australia is a leading international aid organisation that works around the globe to save lives and beat poverty.

The organisation’s story began in 1945 when 22 organisations came together to rush live-saving CARE packages to survivors of World War II.

Today, CARE International’s community development work spans 100 countries across regions including Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Their aim is to empower communities to create their own lasting change.

Donations made from all over the world have helped CARE to continue its programs of support and change to different populations. With Mideco’s support, CARE has directly helped four women from different countries through tailored aid programs.

Empowering these four women through our involvement


For Marlena in Papua New Guinea, the training she and her husband received from Mideco through CARE was vital to increase their cocoa yield, which meant larger earnings for them. Marlena now teaches farmers the skills she learnt, establishing a secure future for many.


In Vanuatu, with the help of CARE’s local partners and Mideco’s support, Shelley was able to rebuild her house, after Cyclone Harold destroyed the home when it tore across Vanuatu. Along with the construction equipment to start rebuilding her house, Shelley’s family was most pleased to receive cooking equipment, as they lost all theirs in the storm.

Shelley says every time she and her son, Locklin, eat dinner together, they remember the big hearts of others.


Amalia used to work at her local market in the Philippines, but the Covid-19 outbreak forced the market to close, which cut all her income. CARE delivered vegetable seedlings to Amalia. Despite losing her income, Amalia is now able to feed her family three times a day from their own crops in the backyard.


For Elizabeth in Tanzania, receiving CARE’s support and donations changed her and her family’s lives. She and her husband had their own source of food from a variety of crops on their farm; however, their son was still malnourished. When the support came across, she and her husband learned to farm soya, which saved their son’s life. He is now playful and energetic, thanks to three healthy meals each day.

These stories are mere droplets in the ocean of support CARE provides through the help of companies like Mideco, to empower women across the world. We feel humble to receive so many letters, telling the stories of how our contribution helped these women.
If you would like to learn more about CARE and the work they do, visit their website here.

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