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Mideco Attends GEAPS Exhibition in Omaha Nebraska

As part of Mideco’s North American launch of our NEW Bat Booth and continuing to market Burnley® Baffles internationally Mideco took a stand at the famous GEAPS exhibition this year hosted in Omaha Nebraska.

Manning the stand were our Canadian Agent, Ben Burger of b3solutions, our Central American Agent, Bernie Berala of Controlled Environments Group and from Australia Melton White from Mideco Dust Control.

The exhibition attracted a larger number of visitors than ever before. We met attendees from America, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and more.

We found the level of enthusiasm for ideas that were new to visitors to be very high and the Mideco Products were well received. The result being we were able to meet many new contacts and are now quoting several projects.

For the GEAPS exhibition we did not have any working equipment available on our stand, however we have now sent equipment to America that will be used in future exhibitions. The GEAPS exhibition along with others will become a permanent part of Mideco marketing activity.