Keller impressed with a borrowed Mideco’s dust collector buys two

Mideco’s 60 years of expertise in the area of dust control have produced equipment that makes an impact every time. Our new client Keller was so impressed with Mideco’s dust collector it borrowed for a particular project that the company ended up buying not one, but two of them.

We are pleased to add Keller Australia Pty Limited to our client base. Keller Group with offices in over 40 countries across six continents is the largest independent geotechnical solutions specialist in the world. Keller Australia Pty Limited provides professional engineering services for the construction of housing projects, dams, tunnels and transportation projects for clients throughout Australia.

Mideco’s dust collector was borrowed to assist with dust control during cement production. A considerable amount of dust is emitted at almost every stage of cement manufacturing and dust collectors play a very important role in managing air quality during the process.

Keller Australia borrowed a hand shaker cleaned dust collector suitable for 30 – 60 ton storage. These particular dust collectors are standalone units and don’t require any power or compressed air. In addition, they come with their own dust collection tray. This economy filter is just one of the four powerful dust collectors manufactured by Mideco. Just like with all our equipment we are able to customise our products to fit your particular application and dust problem.

Is there a dust collector you would like to try out? Give us a call today to discuss dust control issues at your workplace.

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