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Fulton Hogan quarry got the Bat Booth®

We are not sure if our Bat Both™ would fit into a Santa’s sack, but it would definitely make a unique environmental gift. Fulton Hogan, Australasia’s leading contractor and construction firm, has purchased a Bat Booth™ just before Christmas as a present to their employees.

The company, a known producer of high quality construction materials, owns a network of quarries. It extracts and processes raw materials from over 45 different sites across NZ and AU. Like many of our clients Fulton Hogan is genuinely committed to safety and quality. The company adheres to the highest levels of environmental management in their projects.

No wonder they have selected Bat Booth™ to maintain air quality at their Melbourne aggregates plant. In addition to Bat Booth™’s unique design, which makes it the most efficient personal dedusting equipment in the field, it has a range of inbuilt safety features and its parts meet necessary classification standards. It is because of such attention to detail our Bat Booth™ is able to permanently remove 50% more dust then commonly used dedusting equipment. It also does it in about 10 seconds.

See for yourself here.

Bat Booth™ not only makes a thoughtful staff gift, but it is also a wise investment. It arrives completely assembled and requires only compressed air and power to be fully operational.

Imagine what it can do for employees’ health at your workplace. And the best part – you don’t have to wait until Christmas to reward them!