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First Burnley® Baffles come to Israel market

Mideco has successfully ended 2017 by adding another country to its international client base. So far our dust control solutions outside of Australia have been used by companies in the USA, Canada and South Korea. We are pleased to announce our products will now be making a difference in Israel. This is an exciting time for Mideco which confirms our reputation and experience in the business of dust extraction in the last 60 years.

Our internationally patented Burnley® Baffles, specifically Model 2, will be part of a new project at one of the Israeli quartz plants. This particular dust suppression device has been created for equipment handling dry granula bulk raw materials such as grain and ores. Its unique design can achieve up to 85% reduction in the size of dust collector and fan.

Click here to see Burnley® Baffles in action.

The quartz plant project is our first in Israel and we are looking forward to developing our partnerships in this region.