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Mideco’s Bat Booth® are now effectively combating dust in Ecuador

Mideco’s industrial dust collection products are used in a wide range of industries worldwide. We have recently added Ecuador to our list of countries where our Bat Booths® are successfully winning the battle against respirable dust.

APD Proyectos Cía. Ltds. – – , our exclusive agent in Ecuador, has delivered four Bat Booths Premiums to the large mining company EcuaCorriente S.A..

Health and safety first in mining

The revival of the mining industry in the mid-2000s saw the Chinese consortium Tongling- CRCC acquiring EcuaCorriente S.A. and related companies, in the certainty that the mining industry and Ecuador are investment destinations.

While the growth of the mining industry contributs to the country’s economic growth, increased operations also meant that mine management had to establish durable solutions that effectively protect its personnel and environment.

Mideco is proud to be part of EcuaCorriente S.A.’s commitment to protect its most valuable assets…its employees and those directly relate to the surrounding communities working on site.

Mideco’s dust solution for EcuaCorriente S.A.

At Mideco, we work hard to create safer working conditions for employees in dust-heavy industries worldwide because of the dangers that airborne dust particles pose to a person’s health. We tailor our robust dust collection solutions for the protection of the environment, personnel and equipment at so many different worksites.

For EcuaCorriente S.A., the use of our Bat Booth Premium on different site locations now means effective protection for all personnel against dust particles and immediate detection of early signs of heat stroke… all done in just a few seconds.

Thanks to the professional advisory services of APD Proyectos, EcuaCorrientes S.A. has become the first large scale mine to acquire and use such an effective health and safety dust solution as the Bat Booth Premium in Ecuador.

Large-scale operations

It’s evident that the Mirador copper-gold-silver project requires bulletproof, hard-wearing dust collection solutions, due to its magnitude. It is an open-pit mining operation located in the Zamora-Chinchipe Province in southern Ecuador and is the first industrial-scale copper project developed in the Andean country.

The substantiality of the project prompted EcuaCorrientes S.A. to tighten health and safety measures, which is why Mideco’s Bat Booth is the perfect solution.

We’ve developed the Bat Booth Premium to increase workplace safety in a matter of seconds – it reduces the exposure to hazardous dust particles released during mining, drilling, loading or transporting.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has proven the efficiency of the Bat Booth Premium, finding that it reduces up to 88% of dust on workers clothing, while also checking the occupant’s body temperature, in an effort to avoid head stroke.

As part of our commitment to combat dust and avoid its devastating health consequences, we have developed a range of industrial dust collection products to safeguard the health of employees at their workplace.

EcuaCorriente S.A.’s commitment to prioritise their workers’ health and safety has seen Mideco’s solutions such as the Bat Booth Premium become a mandatory tool for their operations.

Partner with the experts in dedusting

For our team at Mideco, it’s not just about getting rid of dust. We know that all our clients value their people in the same way we value ours. Health and safety come first. And we are here to make that happen.

Take a look at our range of dedusting products, or read through other client success storiesContact us to discuss your dust collection needs.