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Burnley® Baffles at a soybean oil refinery plant in China

It’s always satisfying to receive positive feedback from our clients. We have recently heard from our client in China, a soybean oil refining plant that installed Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles earlier this year.

The plant was located near a river, and the product was unloaded from ships via a crane, into a hopper by grab and eventually into the trucks. The trucks then transported the soybean into an allocated area where it was dumped into an underground hopper. The dumping process generated heavy dust which created hazardous work environment and resulted in multiple staff complaints. Unfortunately, there was no budget to install a complicated expensive equipment to reduce the amount of dust and the problem remained.

Not until the client heard about Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles. This internationally patented dust suppression device can prevent 75% of dust escape without the use of additional dust extraction equipment. This is due to its unique design and ability for customisation. It is also much cheaper and more efficient than installing a dust collector.

The management decided to trial Burnley® Baffles for the underground hopper and the effect was immediate. The dust was suppressed without any delay to the unloading processes, the management was pleased with the cost-effective solution, and staff complaints ceased.

As with most grain projects we recommended Burnley® Baffles, Model 1 to the client. Grain is the most popular application however with five different models, Burnley® Baffles can reduce dust during handling of various dry bulk material from grain to fertiliser to ore.
The unit was sold through our partner in China – Qingdao DS Environment Technology Co., Ltd and installed at the plant at the beginning of the year. It was our first shipment to China but definitely not the last.