Bat Booth® x 4 at Hanson Cement

Mideco’s is pleased to be a part of Hanson Cement’s commitment to occupational health and safety with four Bat Booth® now installed at company’s quarries.

Hanson is included in Heidelberg Cement Group, which employs over 59,000 people across five continents. Heidelberg Cement is a global leader in aggregates and has leading positions in cement, concrete and heavy building products.

Hason’s focus on quality underpins everything that they do which extends to providing safe working environment for their staff. The company believes that the safest projects are the most successful ones, a belief that Mideco shares.

While Hanson already has a comprehensive safety program in place, the company continuously reviews and improves their approach to occupational health and safety, which is why four units have been installed at Glasshouse, Nerang, Ferny Groove and Hanson Wolffdene quarries.

Mideco’s Bat Booth® has just been named the Best Innovation in Occupational Health and Safety 2019 and the most Innovative Dust Removal Solution in the APAC Insider Enterprise Awards. It’s another awards that recognises the innovative design behind this unique personnel de-dusting booth that can permanently remove up to 80 % dust, including silica, from staff’s clothing. Bat Booth® is the most efficient way to clean staff’s contaminated clothing and heavily reduce the overall dust exposure.

Workplace safety and the occupational lung diseases have recently become hot topics in Australia since the re-identification of pneumoconiosis in mining, and a silicosis crisis in the stonemasonry industry. Managing respiratory risks is now an urgent issue for many industries associated with dust exposure.

Hanson recognises the importance of reducing respiratory risks, especially silica that’s associated with cement manufacturing. We are pleased to be helping the company maintain its commitment to safety and ensure their staff is adequately protected.

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