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Bat Booth® updated brochure is available

With Mideco’s Bat Booth™ being part of so many industry exhibitions recently, it’s only fair its brochure gets a facelift.

In 2018 we are refreshing our brand which will include an update of our promotional material. Earlier this year we have designed and published Mideco’s Corporate – a new company brochure that includes the company history, focus products and some case studies. Up next is the Bat Booth™ booklet.

Just like with Mideco’s Corporate, we are not making any serious changes to the brand, just improving the look. The Bat Booth™ brochure will have some new images and a slightly different layout.

While the look and feel of the brochure will change, the content will remain the same as our star personnel de-dusting machine doesn’t require an upgrade. Its unique and innovative design does the same perfect job of permanently removing up to 75% dust in 10 seconds every time. The only items that need to be regularly updated are dust filters which work fairly hard once the Bat Booth™ is on site.

In the brochure you can also find the information about Bat Booth™ safety features, use applications, see before and after photos and illustration of its features.

Contact us today if you’d like a new brochure to be sent to you.