Bat Booth™ – The Hardest Working 10 Seconds You’ll Ever See

Whether dust is coming from transfer points, roads, mining, quarrying or cement processes it is harmful and real health hazard for all workers, particularly when the dust contains known carcinogens or silica. Research has shown that dusty clothing can elevate a workers exposure to dust 10 times that of a worker in clean clothing.

The Bat Booth™ uses nothing but pure air to capture dust from worker’s contaminated clothing – providing safety for both the worker and the environment. It’s the hardest working 10 seconds you’ll ever see.

The Bat Booth™ is supplied completely assembled on a skid base. Once on site, compressed air and power connections are all that is needed to be fully operational. Perfect for quarries, mines or any commercial environment where dust contamination poses a health hazard. Other alternatives have proven to be risky, slow, ineffective and do not contain the dust when dislodged from clothing.

Mideco has invested significant time, effort and expense to gain UL approval for its Enclosed Industrial Control Panel that is the heart of the Bat Booth™. As a company we are purposefully working to open up new markets with equipment that is “plug and play” for the owner. A UL label means the equipment is fully compliant with the local regulations for which it is tagged.

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