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Bat Booth® application in pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing of products including drugs, vitamins, minerals, or herbs, in particular, involves a wide range of processes that potentially create harmful pharmaceutical dust. Grinding, drying, mixing, pressing, coating in the production of pills, packaging as well as cleaning of the equipment in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants are causing great risk in hazardous dust emission.

Regulations are different from country to country, all aimed at helping ensure that a pharmaceutical workforce is safe. The main principle of world regulations is that they require employers to assess the risk to their employees and to prevent or adequately control those risks.


Due to the potential risk for the workers to be affected, pharmaceutical dust can present threats unless controlled and prevented.

In a far-sighted attempt to care for its employees, Sun Pharmaceutical – manufacturing facility in Latrobe in Tasmania has installed Mideco’s Bat Booth® dust-suppression system late January 2020. This is the first installation in Tasmania and our first installation in pharmaceutical industry.

Over one month Bat Booth® has been in use 2 300 times by around 40 workers 4 times a day. That makes the machine the most hardworking in the world. No doubt, that proves the high demand in using de-dusting personnel cleaning system in pharmacy.  It’s essential for the employers to control the associated risks rather than fight the negative outcomes.

We are pleased to be considered by Sun Pharmaceutical as a trusted manufacturer of a cost-effective solution – Bat Booth® to invest in workers’ health and safety in pharmaceutical industry.

Bat Booth® is Mideco’s unique, simple to use and smart clothes cleaning technology that eliminates any type of dry dust by usingcompressed air to safely clean the contaminated clothing. This quick, safe & effective clothes cleaning method from Mideco allows workers at various processing operations to clean their soiled clothing and removes 50% more dust than the commonly used single point air hose method.

In 2019 Bat Booth® was recognized by NIOSH as the cleaning booth technology that reduces the worker’s respirable dust exposure peaks by approximately 88 percent in seconds and was included in NIOSH “Dust Control Handbook for Industrial Minerals and Processing” and recommended as an effective clothes cleaning technology.

All features above make Bat Booth® system a number one choice for preventing hazards associated with dust in pharmaceutical production. Its multiple applications in Industrial Minerals Processing, Silica Processing, Copper Smelting Operations and Powder Coating Processes in Quarries and at Cement Processing Plants, Agricultural  Grain Quarantine and Pharmaceutical Operations is a testimony of Bat Booth® high demand and great value in the market.

Bat Booth technology keeps sparkling the interest of a growing number of industries, accomplishing the goal of capturing and controlling the dust at the source.  At Mideco, we are scaling together with our products by winning new industries and locations.