Australian and Global Launch of the Mideco “Bat Booth”

To provide your employees with a safe, effective and efficient solution to regularly clean dust contaminant off their clothing, the team at Mideco has creatively designed, developed and manufactured the Bat Booth.

Through years of observation, research, product and process development and extensive experience in providing customers Environmentally Friendly, Safe, Healthy and Cost Effective dust control solutions across various industries the Innovative Bat Booth has emerged.

Mideco Dust Control, has, is and will always be an Environmental friendly Company as reflected in our Vision Statement “Your Partner in Environment Technology”. We continue to invest in research and development and make progress in advancing our product technology. The Mideco unique personnel de-dusting Bat Booth is now a reality for Customers in Australia and globally.

The Mideco Bat Booth uses a high volume of low pressure compressed air to safely dislodge and capture dust from contaminated clothing with the ease of ‘plug and play’ installation. The clean down booth & dust extraction are combined as a compact single piece of equipment we call the Bat Booth system. Through successful field trials at selected sites, Mideco has received very positive feed-back resulting in the Bat Booth now being available for use in all industries where employees / personnel are exposed to dusty atmospheres.

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