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Pharmaceutical dust

Manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products such as drugs, vitamins, minerals or herbs involves a wide range of processes that can generate harmful dust. The pharmaceutical dust can present unique challenges due to the potential effects on workers, chemical hazards in the industry and the value of the material. This is a growing industry with an ongoing demand for appropriate dust control tools and  PPE equipment. 

Some substances, such as steroids, hormones, or narcotics, may pose a risk if they escape into the atmosphere. Pharmaceutical dust exposure to staff presents certain health risks and may cause side effects such as respiratory illness, skin reactions, and other physiological conditions.

Many substances, including cellulose, corn-starch, dextrin, lactose, and other organic ingredients, have the potential to explode. In addition, cross-contamination of dust with other materials can impact product quality and safety.

Mideco’s range of dust collectors will take care of dust released throughout the production stage, while Burnley® Baffles, customisable for any size hopper, can dramatically reduce dust emissions during any type of dry granular pharmaceutical product unloading. Bat Booth® will be useful at any pharmaceutical plant as it reduces the overall dust exposure during production and packaging by extracting dust from staff’s clothing.