Dust collection solutions in the oil and gas industry

Silica dust exposure is a significant health risk in the oil and gas industry worldwide. At Mideco, we work hard to provide tailored solutions to effectively combat harmful dust.

We know the health hazards

The large amounts of frac sand used in hydraulic fracturing or fracking in the oil and gas industry create silica dust, which can cause silicosis or other respiratory illnesses. 

Studies done by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) identified exposure to crystalline silica during hydraulic fracturing as a significant known health hazard to workers. There may also be concerns for the health of those living close to fracking sites, which are generally in rural areas. 

Crystalline silica, in the form of frac sand, is used to keep the fissures open in the rocks during hydraulic fracturing. The dust generated by transporting and refilling sand at fracking sites contains respirable silica, which can cause silicosis and even lung cancer. 

Due to a significant increase in hydraulic fracking operations, there is a growing need for effective dust collection solutions in these operations to ensure dust emissions meet the industry permissible exposure levels.

Mideco’s commitment to dust-free fracking

While hydraulic fracking can have risks involved, it can be done safely. At Mideco, we offer a range of highly effective and easy-to-use industrial dust collection solutions that are highly competitive on a global scale.

The use of our Bat BoothTM guarantees a significant reduction in the overall silica exposure by removing dust particles from workers’ clothing. This unique personnel dedusting device is equipped with powerful HEPA filters that can capture even the smallest dust particles such as silica.

Our other solutions include the BurnleyTM Baffles, Bat Vent and Mideclone, which come with a long-term partnership with the Mideco team and ongoing Maintenance Support.

As the industry leaders in industrial dust collection in the oil and gas industry, we know what it takes to ensure a safe work environment for everyone involved.

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