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Biomass handling

Mideco’s 60 year expertise in the area of dust control, accumulated through many successful projects of various complexity, can help your business minimise respiratory risks and protect your staff. 

Increasingly more energy production world-wide is generated by biomass conversion which comes with its own set of occupational health and safety issues.

Dust  is generated at various stages of biomass handling creating hazardous working conditions. Prolonged or repeated exposure to fine biomass dust has an effect on workers’ health as this type of dust is a human carcinogen. Another occupational risk is human exposure to biomass ash residue. 

The dust from most widely used biomass type – wood  – sometimes contains toxins that can produce severe allergic reactions. Breathing airborne wood dust may cause allergic respiratory symptoms, mucosal and non-allergic respiratory symptoms, and cancer. Other types of biomass may contain fungal spore types and also pose respiratory risk to staff. 

In addition, wood dust is highly combustible and dust control is an important factor in reducing the risk of combustible explosions. 

Biomass dust emissions can  travel for miles and possibly affect the nearby areas which sometimes result in litigation, fines and even closure of the facilities. 

Different types of dust control systems are required for four types of biomass used today—wood and agricultural products, solid waste, landfill gas and biogas, and alcohol fuels.  Whatever the product, Mideco’s environmental technologies can help your business solve any biomass dust related problems while taking care of your most precious resource – people. 

Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles is able to significantly reduce the amount of dust released during biomass unloading. Bat Booth® can reduce the overall exposure during bulk product  handling, shredding or screening by permanently removing dust from employees’ uniforms. Our range of dust collectors, highly efficient mideclones and wet scrubbers, on its own or combined with other systems, will help you achieve effective dust management  whatever the project.