Dust control repair services

At Mideco, we are dedicated to keeping costs low and providing our clients with the most efficient industrial dust collection solutions possible. 

Keeping costs low

Quick and efficient replacement of broken parts, tools and equipment is vital to keeping operations running and keeping within budgets.

We provide spare parts of only the highest quality for all types of dust control equipment… our own brands and competitor brands. We keep the most frequently used parts in stock at all times to ensure fast replacement. 

We also supply fluorescent dye powder for dust collector leak tests.

Quick response

Our dust experts and professional tradesmen are serious about keeping your downtime close to zero with fast and efficient dust collector repair services – just call, and we’ll come.

Our open communication philosophy and accessibility mean we can immediately arrange a quick and professional fix and repair call, because we know your time is valuable. Count on us to get your dust collection equipment in tip top shape with minimal downtime, every time. 

You can view a full list of our spare parts and order them here. 

Contact us today if you’re in need of fast dust collector repair services.

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